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These Daily Affirmations Come From a Rather Unusual Source, But Theyre Still Great.

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Inspiration can come from some pretty unexpected places. This is certainly the case with “Skeletor is Love,” an online project that posts daily affirmations over relevant images of Skeletor, the villain from the popular 80s cartoon, Masters of the Universe. “Skeletor is Love” allows you to go on a spiritual journey with the skull-faced humanoid as he experiences “the profound emptiness and isolation of human existence.” Take a look at some of the more inspiring moments below.

1. “Today I pick up the pieces and move on.”

2. “Today I will share my happiness with a stranger.”

3. “Today I will carefully consider my words. Are they insightful? Constructive? If not – I will opt for silence.”

4. “Today I celebrate my accomplishments.”

5. “We improve ourselves by victories over ourselves. There must be contests and your must win.”

6. “I am perfect, whole, and complete, just as I am.”

7. “Today I am willing to let go. I release all pain from past experiences & old wounds.”

8. “Today I shall cast no stones.”

9. “Today I surround myself with people who contribute to my happiness & well-being.”

10. “Today I am an uplifting inspiration to others.”

11. “Today I face my demons.”

12. “Today I spend less time talking and more time listening.”

13. “I will not freeze out the kind intentions of caring friends.”

14. “Today all possibilities are illuminated.”

15. “Today I turn my frustrations into inspiration…and inspiration into action.”

16. “Today I playfully engage in lighthearted activities.”

17. “Today I reach out to others.”

18. “Today I will…try again tomorrow.”

(via Skeletor is Love)

I don”t know about you, but I certainly feel like I have the power to have a great day. For more daily affirmations from Skeletor, check out “Skeletor is Love” on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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