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This Lump On The Side Of The Road Didn’t Look Alive, But These Angels Knew Better

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Lying on the side of the road like a lump of coal, this puppy was found after he’d fallen into a vat of hot tar. Covered from head to toe, the tar soon hardened and he was unable to move. It wasn’t until hours later that a person finally heard his cries for help and called India’s Animal Aid Unlimited.

With a group of volunteers, they approached the dog ready for a massive cleanup. But what they found blew them away. Soon after, though, they helped something miraculous emerge from the black muck…


Street animals like this need all the help we can give. Please consider donating here to Animal Aid Unlimited if you want them to be able to continue doing amazing work like this. Because without it, we don’t want to think about what would have happened to this loving pup.

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