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This Young Elephant Has The Best Way Of Showing Affection To His Human Caretaker

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Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has helped countless elephants find happy, loving lives outside of the area’s cruel tourism industry.

This sweet youngster named Faa Mai has never had to worry about the pain, fear, and helplessness other elephants endure when forced into the “crush training” method still used by so many heartless humans in order to make a buck. Instead, the lucky fella has grown up inside the facility where he’s only known kindness. One look at his happy face and you’ll know what an amazing difference that makes.

When he sees his favorite human, he can’t wait to give her snuggles and smooches:

It’s clear these beautiful creatures have huge hearts to go with those big bodies! For information on visiting the park or donating to help keep these amazing animals safe, head over to the Elephant Nature Park website and Facebook page.

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