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Your Childhood Crushes Then And Now

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Your Childhood Crushes Then And Now
Remember all those adorable child actors you had a crush on when you were a kid? Do you ever wonder where they are and what do they look like? Are they still acting or have they decided to do something completely different with their life? I know I do. Especially when I see an actor who reminds me of someone and I cant quite place him in my memory, then after Googling him find out its that kid from that movie I loved. After that I usually go on an hour long Googling journey to find out what all my other childhood crushes look like. Luckily for you, Ive already done that today and compiled a list for you, so you dont have to spend ages searching for it yourself.

1.Rider Strong1.Rider StrongWe remember this cute little boy from Boy Meets World, but look at him now. Time flies by and suddenly you realize your childhood crush is now a grown man with a wife and and a child of his own. Hes now not just an actor, but also a producer, director and screenwriter. At 35 he still looks good, right? Its just a bit of a shock, realizing that the boy from Boy Meets World is a dad now.

2. Macaulay ulkin2. Macaulay ulkinWe all loved him in Home Alone and Home Alone 2. How could you not? Such a cute little blonde angel who keeps being left behind for the holidays. All the iconic traps he set up for the burglars, all the funny ways he kept himself entertained. We literally had no choice but to like him. Macaulay has had quite a rocky couple of years since Home Alone. He got married at quite a young age of 18, then got divorced, had some run ins with drugs, was involved in Michael Jacksons trial, started a comedy band named Underground Pizza, and had dated Mila Kunis. Now at 35 he seems to have settled in and seems to be in quite a lovely relationship with former All My Children actress Jordan Lane Price.

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