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What Happened When A Beach Goer Picked Up This Strange Worm Is Straight-Up Horror

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Just when you think you”ve seen every creepy ocean-dweller on the planet, something new and horrifying comes along that makes you never want to swim in the ocean again. This time it”s a lovely little poisonous sea creature called a ribbon worm.

In the ocean, these worms can be more than 100 feet long. They typically hunt small prey, and their preferred hunting method is spraying their victims with mucus laced with powerful neurotoxins. Coincidentally, that”s exactly what one ribbon worm tried to do to this YouTuber who came across it washed up on the beach.

(via: Science Alert)

At this point, you might be wondering why someone would let themselves be attacked by a poisonous sea worm. Luckily for the person in the video above, the neurotoxin, while effective against the worm”s preferred prey, has no effect on humans.

It”s still a valiant effort, right?

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