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What First Responders Heard Led To A Miraculous And Life-Saving Discovery

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Do you believe in angels that watch over us? Sometimes, unexplainable things happen, making it hard to deny something is out there.

A fisherman in Spanish Fork, Utah discovered an overturned car in a stream and immediately called for rescue. When the emergency responders first arrived, something strange occurred that undoubtedly saved the child”s life.

Eighteen-month-old Lily Groesbeck was pulled from the wreckage after being stuck inside the car for 14 hours. Tragically, though, her mother died hours before the rescue.

Watch to find out just what made the difference between life and death for the tiny toddler.

(via Fox News, FaithIt)

No one knows where the voice came from, and it”s hard to say whether anyone will ever know. What we do know, is that mysterious voice helped make sure baby Lily survived.

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