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Perfect Clothes For Your Body Type

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You saw that perfect dress on a girl as she was passing you the other day and you desperately want one for yourself. Then you decide to buy it no matter what. Usually you go shopping, find your dream dress and go to try it on.

When putting it on you understand that it doesnt look as good as you saw it on the girl you rant into earlier. Yes, the same pieces of clothing may look completely different on different women. So before spending a lot of time on trying on a bunch of styles and suffering at the same time, its better to define your body type and remember what clothes flatter your morphology the best.

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Perfect clothes for your body type 31. The hourglass. Its a very feminine type of body, and it already looks proportioned, but choosing the wrong style may destroy its natural beauty. To emphasize the curves choose high-waisted jeans, pants or pencil skirt. Choose dresses that hug your waist and widen at the bottom, so it makes an accent on the thin middle. A wrap dress works perfect on a hourglass figure, also try on the one with a v-neck. Wear a belt more often it will always make your waistline well-defined.
What NOT to wear: avoid baggy shapeless dresses, square tunics and cardigans that conceal your waistline.

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