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Secrets of Real-Life Barbie Valerie Lukyanova

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Secrets of Real-Life Barbie Valerie Lukyanova 1
Standards of beauty change over time. Plus size today is a new skinny. However some images do not lose their popularity no matter what the trends. One of them is the Barbie image. Each girl remembers how she dreamed of looking like Barbie that long blonde hair, fair skin, big eyes, long legs and super thin waist. Some of us grew up and forgot that ridiculous doll image dream. But other girls didnt. And we know that in pursuit of perfection girls can do crazy things! Thats how Barbies are brought to life. There are a lot of poor Barbie imitatators out there, however Valerie Lukyanova did it right and still rocks the Barbie image.

Real life facts

Secrets of Real-Life Barbie Valerie Lukyanova 2
Several facts from Valerias biography. She is 29 years old and was born in Ukraine. She graduated from the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture. She is happily married, no kids. According to her, the idea of being a mom causes deep revulsion in her. Is it really because she doesnt like the idea of parents fulfilling their own ambitions in her kids? Or she just doesnt want to lose her Barbie figure?

The Goddess of Sun Philosophy

Secrets of Real-Life Barbie Valerie Lukyanova 3
Valerie calls herself Amatue The Goddess of the Sun. She really thinks of herself as a divine creature, able to travel in time and space. She even wrote a book Astral Travel Amatue about her astral trips. She is interested in Hinduism and often travels to Nepal in search of enlightenment. The whole philosophy really contradicts that Barbie image, doesnt it. Anyway, she believes she actually talked to Jesus in one of her astral trips and she calls herself a creature who came from another world.

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