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Taxidermy Has Been Taken To A New (But Creepy) Level

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Los Angeles-based artist Ave Rose says that she”s always wanted to “explore fantasy worlds through writing.” Now she”s taking that idea and putting it to her 3-D art instead. Her medium of choice? Taxidermy.

Although a fairly unpopular art form nowadays, Rose”s work has a sense of enchantment that sets her apart from other taxidermists. Not only are her subjects garnished with jewels and intricate clothing, but they can also move. She”s effectively turned these critter corpses into music box dancers.

Check out the videos below to see what we mean. Each turn of the key allows them to dance, and for a fleeting moment, they come alive again.

Muskrat Love

Dreaming Bat Music Box

Skunk Magic

Dancing Frog

Raccoon with a Silver Spoon

Groovy Goose

While strangely beautiful, I wouldn”t want to see more than one of these things wound up at once.

To see more of Ave Rose”s work, check out her website, her Facebook, and her YouTube channel.

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