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These Celebrity Houses Will Blow Your Mind

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Celebrities earn crazy amounts of money, and a lot of them choose to spend it on crazy luxurious things. Some buy expensive cars, planes or helicopters, others choose to spend it on jewelry and designer clothes. In most cases we get to see the incredibly expensive things they buy. But theres one thing that celebrities spend their money on that we dont always get to see their houses. Today, however is a special day. We collected all the info available about the houses of your favorite celebs. Enjoy!

Taylor-Swift1Taylor SwiftTaylor owns quite a few houses. From the very start of her career she made a great choice and decided to buy herself a house. With years of success that habit only grew. Cant blame her, investing in property is always a good idea. Plus, its nice to have houses in different parts of the country, means that you can feel at home everywhere.
This Beverly Hills estate is Taylors latest purchase and it wasnt a cheap one. The house reportedly cost around $25 million and it looks like its worth it. The house is huge, it has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a pool, a tennis-court, a pool house with a kitchen and a guest apartment over the garage and a lot of gardens around the house.

The Smiths2Will SmithBefore you even have a chance to think that I mean Will Smith and his family, not the British band the Smiths. Will Smith took a different route to finding a perfect home. Instead of trying to find and buy a house, he chose to build his dream house. A lot of thought, effort, and hard work went into this house. It was designed by Stephen Samuelson. The style of the house is reminiscent of ancient cultures. Theres elements of Moroccan, Spanish and Persian influence. The house is so big, it actually has its own zipcode. It also has a swimming pool, a private lake, full sized tennis, basketball and volleyball courts and even has its own golf courses. Looks like Will Smith really is following in the footsteps of his character from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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