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10 Natural, Homemade Facemask Recipes for Better, Clearer Skin

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When it comes to the health of your skin, you often dont have look much further than your kitchen for some fantastic natural ingredients. Instead of buying something from a store with a long list of ingredients that youve never heard of before, rather bypass the chemicals and unknowns, and keep it au naturel. Not only are you keeping your sensitive skin clean, buy youll also be saving money on the inexpensive ingredients.

If you want to extend your homemade repertoire, you may also be interested in making your own hair masks and even home cleaning products.

Honey, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Honey, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

These three simple ingredients are all you need to exfoliate, moisturize, get rid of blemishes, and even out the tone of your skin. Once a week should be enough, but if you just wake up one morning and your skin isnt feeling all that hot, go right ahead and mix up your concoction!

Recipe Instructions and Credit LizMarie

Spirulina, Castor Oil, Essential Oil

Spirulina, Castor Oil, Essential OilSpirulina is considered a super food that many people drink as supplements, but did you know that its just as good when applied to your skin? The recipe even helps decide which essential oil to use depending on your skin type.

Recipe Instructions and Credit CraftyLittleGnome

Honey, Egg White

Honey, Egg WhiteI know that literally having egg on your face may not sound like the best idea, but youll be thanking me later when your pores are tighter and you face feels smoother and softer. Leave this on for about 20 minutes and keep it up once a week.

Recipe Instructions and Credit DirtyLooks

Lemon, Milk

Lemon, MilkUsually, the thought of mixing these two ingredients conjures up not-so-pleasant images of curdled milk, but this is actually really good for anti-aging! Your skin will be left feeling really smooth, and it also helps to even out your skin tone.

Recipe Instructions and Credit ModBox

Avocado Oil, Homemade Mayo, Raw Honey

Avocado Oil, Homemade Mayo, Raw HoneyThe thing that I love about this recipe is that not only is great for seriously dry skin, but you can use this on those luscious locks too! You can leave this on your face for up to an hour is you really lack the moisture that you need.

Recipe Instructions and Credit BespangledJewelry

Banana, Egg Yolk, Olive Oil

Banana, Egg Yolk, Olive OilIf you struggle with very dry and sensitive skin, then this is the soothing, moisturizing mask for you! Instead or irritations and breakouts, youll have smooth, glowing, youthful skin. This isnt great for storing though, so only make what you need per application.

Recipe Instructions and Credit DIYConfessions


ChocolateThe combination of cocoa powder, cream, oatmeal and honey not only sounds delicious, but itll really hydrate, soften and exfoliate your skin, while tightening wrinkles, too. Just try to resist the urge to eat it all up before it makes it to your face!

Recipe Instructions and Credit PaulaParrish

DIY Glamglow

DIY GlamglowThis recipe contains a few more ingredients than the otherlike Aztec secret bentonite clay, charcoal, essential oilsbut its the one to go for if you want some seriously cleared up and radiant skin! Make yourself a big batch and keep it for up to a month.

Recipe Instructions and Credit MyNewestAddiction


SaffronYes, saffron is a rather expensive spice, but thats what makes this so luxurious on your precious skin! This is actually a three-in-one tutorial that combines other ingredients along with the spice: one for skin lightening, one for deep cleansing, and another to combat acne.

Recipe Instructions and Credit Healthmunsta

Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea isnt just for drinking, its just as good for you exterior skin as it is for your inner body! This is another three-in-one for moisturizing, exfoliating, and getting rid of pesky acne. Just make sure that you let the tea cool down so that you dont burn your face!

Recipe Instructions and Credit Healthmunsta

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