The bees have one of the finest sense of smell in the animal world, not only to distinguish the chemical in a variety of scents but have a good memory and remember the smells and to them try to orient themselves in nature. Because of its extreme sensitivity, designer Susan Soares has used bees as a single detector for early detection of lung cancer in humans. Soaresin invention could completely change medicine in a number of respects.


Portuguese designer and inventor Susan Soares has managed to create a unique zoo technological device that takes only minutes to detect whether someone is suffering from lung cancer. In fact, Soares is already a few years watching the scientists who have trained bees to detect various drugs and fragrances. After she became a skilled bees coach, she realized that small drones are not only smart and exquisite sense of smell, but discover traces of chemicals that, for now, it can make only the most sophisticated devices that have not yet been used in medicine but only in expensive scientific experiments.

She decided to train bees to recognize the smell of cell lung cancer. In just ten minutes, with the help of the so-called Pavlovian effect (in this case, the identification of smell with a prize in the form of sugar and water) Soaresine bees have recognized the scent of lung cancer is bundled up in a few affected cells.

After that Soares has formed a simple glass device in which the bees could without any problems smell the air from human breath.
In the case of bees detect the scent of lung cancer, they tried to get into a smaller bowl, believing that followed lunch. Interest bees for human breath actually means a person is suffering from lung cancer.

Its amazing that bees can smell the diseased cells long before they can be mark on the most sensitive testers for lung cancer, specifically trained bees Suzane Soares are now the most advanced detection of lung cancer in the world.

Soares noted that bees except light training and exceptional sense of smell have some advantages, namely, those whose lives are remembered what they had learned, and because of its nature and quantity of dropping the cheapest medical saws, and are 100% effective.
Soares noted that we should not forget how the honey bee can train for the detection of almost all diseases, especially those that are most common in our population, such as diabetes, tuberculosis and even cancer of the throat, mouth, and other evil diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems.
Because of the incredible abilities of honey bees, the more companies that use them to discover all sorts of potentially dangerous chemicals and compounds, such as explosives.

Although the average honey bee lives a month and a half ago, imagine how many lives could be saved after only ten minutes of training with a little sugar and water?

We believe that the combination of nature and medicine is always the best weapon against various diseases and disorders, unfortunately, our medicine is so far largely concentrated on pharmacological products with nature have very little in common, and patented drugs are generally synthesized laboratory products yielding high profits, but the human race does not have virtually nothing good. The most terrible diseases such as cancer and leukemia, are still poorly or not at all reversible, although the nature provides many drugs that are cheap and unfortunately do not have the possibility of obtaining a patent on them.

Soaresina idea is soothing and refreshing after a series of mostly painful, dangerous and / or traumatic detector for cancer, such as biopsy and mammography. We hope that her invention to reach the market.