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How Can Pin Up Be Empowering For Women?

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Pin-ups emerged in the late 19th century, when burlesque performers started to use pin-up pictures to advertise and promote themselves. There have been debates over it ever since. Some women supported it and saw it as a positive thing. They considered pin-up to be a great change, a rejection of post-victorian body shaming and a new way to show respect for the healthy female body. Others saw it as a degrading experience that lowered the opinion of women in society, destroying their dignity and values.
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Pin-up style is still relevant in present times and seems to be growing in popularity, yet the debate still continues. It should be noted that pin-up grew and evolved through the years. The depictions of women in it changed, and the women themselves changed. Its not a secret for anyone that pin-up girls were mostly popularized in mens magazines, so women were depicted more like a sexual object rather than a wholesome individual. This, however doesnt apply to all early pin-up art. There were plenty pin-up girls who exuded confidence, women who took charge of their life. In those pictures women dominated, they were depictions of women who wanted to have it all and knew how to get it.
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