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Which Facebook friend has DELETED you? New App introduced

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LONDON (Web Desk) Deleting people from Facebook is seen as the ultimate insult for many, and now theres an app that lets you track such affronts.

Called Who Deleted Me on Facebook, the app does as the name suggests it reveals which contacts have unfriended you on the site.

It also shows which of your friends accounts have become deactivated, who is online and keeps a track of friend numbers.

New app

The app was created by Exeter-based developer Anthony Kuske and is available for free on Android and iOS. There is also a free browser extension for Chrome, Daily Mail online cited.

Once the app has been installed, users connect their Facebook account by signing in securely.

App also reveals times and dates people removed you from their profile.


The opening screen shows how many friends that user has and clicking View Friend List reveals a page of lists.

Along the top of this screen is a series of tabs including New, Deleted You, You Deleted, Deactivated and Current.

Clicking a persons name takes the user to their Facebook profile within the app.

The app can only track friends who have deleted users, or deactivated their account, since it was installed, and notifications can also be used to get real-time details.

Swiping right on each friend will let users remove them from the list.

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