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A Song So Good I Almost Forgot The Terrifying Reason It Was Written

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Meet Grace Weber. She”s a musician on a mission.

In April 2013, four months after the Newtown massacre, Congress rejected a bill that could have helped make communities safer from gun violence.

Like millions of others across the country, Weber was sad, angry, and disappointed. But she was
not discouraged.

Writing this song is her way of fighting back.

It”s about the battle between feelings of hope and helplessness, which you”ll hear in lyrics like: “Half of me is trying to start a little revolution. The other half is just trying to get by.”

But Weber”s passionate delivery is nothing short of inspiring.

Weber is partnering with Living Rooms Across America, a tour that uses music to spark dialogue about community-based solutions to gun violence. They”re planning the 2015 tour, so stay tuned for ways to show your support.

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