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He Thought He Could Be A Human Anteater, But What Happened Was…OMG

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YouTube is a great place for people to share their experiences with the world. It”s also a great place for viewers to live vicariously through others without stepping outside as they watch someone do something crazy, like a backflip over a cliff.

Self-described “YouTube sensation” Andrew Ucles recently opted to share his unique experience with the world. Ucles made a conscious decision to get really close to a mound of stinging ants to see how long he could stand their bites. He managed to do all this before howling in a distinctly Australian way. You can watch it in full below if you”ve ever been interested in seeing such an awful sight.


Was anyone actually wondering what it”s like for an echidna to feed? I”m guessing no, since nobody knows what an echidna is (an animal that closely resembles an anteater). Still, I guess I can take “shirtless anthill pestering” off my bucket list, because this was a bit too real for me.

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