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Puppies In Baths Are Adorable, But This Rescued Sun Bear Cub In A Tub Is Cuter

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When Animals Asia discovered the Nanning Bear Farm in China, they turned the facility from a place of cruelty to a refuge for the 130 bears who had previously spent their days locked away in cages having their bile painfully extracted.

Among all the adult sun bears discovered, there was one small baby cub in desperate need of love, care, and freedom. As part of their Peace by Piece program, they began an enrichment program for the sweet girl, who they named Smudge. Only four months old at the time, the playful cub took to the affection from staff members like they were her real family.

“Come on in! The water is great!”

“Grr, I”m fierce! I nom you!”

"Grr, I

“Bath time and snack time unite!”

Watch the rest of the cutie”s playful romps:

(source Animals Asia)

According to the organization, Smudge has since become quite the “real little princess.” But you can”t really blame a girl for enjoying the finer things in life after being taken from her family at such a young age. Bears typically stay with their moms for about the first two years of their life, so it”s safe to say that she deserves all the pampering she can get!

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