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Watching These Corgis Enjoy Their Pool Party Will Absolutely Make Your Day

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Corgis Enjoy Their Pool Party
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They say that spring is here, but I”m not buying it. I”ve yet to stash away my winter coat, fuzzy snow boots, and scarves in fear that there”s still one last April snowstorm in store. There”s nothing I”d like more than to jump into a pool on a warm summer day….

Just like these happy Corgis.

They”re taking doggie paddle to a new (adorable) level.


All tuckered out? Already?!

All tuckered out? Already?!

They do have tiny legs…

Good thing they”ve got those floaties!

Good thing they

Okay, time for round two!

Okay, time for round two!

Watch all of this adorable unfold!

(source Moosedonkey”s channel)

I”ve never been more conflicted between cuteness and jealousy. Their tiny legs just have to move so fast in order to get around…I think cute wins out on this one. Besides, summer will be here soon enough, even if it doesn”t feel like it!

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