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She Was Attempting To Use Snapchat While Driving, And The Crash Didn’t Even Stop Her

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The dangers of using your phone and driving are very real, but people just won’t stop doing it.

Just take a look at what happened when this teenager in Atlanta decided to break out her phone while driving over 100 miles per hour.

Christal McGee, 18, was driving some friends home from work when she decided to pull out her phone and open Snapchat. She wanted to get a selfie while driving way too fast because Snapchat has a filter that allows users to track their speed. Despite objections from her friends (one of whom was pregnant), McGee kept going faster and faster until she suddenly crashed the car into Wentworth Maynard, an Uber driver who was just starting his shift.

McGee’s car (pictured below) slammed into Maynard’s car at a staggering 107 miles per hour.

Luckily for McGee and her friends, they only experienced minor injuries. She slammed her head into the windshield and was hospitalized, and her friends only experienced minor scrapes and injuries.

Maynard, however, was not so lucky. The crash put him in the hospital for five weeks.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury because of the crash that has left him wheelchair-bound. He also suffers from memory loss, has trouble communicating, and has even lost 50 pounds since the devastating wreck.

Maynard is now suing McGee and Snapchat for their combined negligence.

That particular filter has been linked to multiple crashes. They are all lucky to still be alive, but it looks like McGee is going to (rightfully) suffer the consequences of her actions in court.

(via Washington Post)

There is never an excuse for negligent driving like this, so repeat after me: No social media post is worth endangering your life or the lives of others!

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