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YouTubers Who Earn More Than Hollywood Stars

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Youtube and the age of social media has created a society in which, if you are a talented vlogger, you can make a lucrative amount of money and a successful career for yourself. Think it isn’t possible to make more than Hollywood A-Listers from just posting clips on Youtube? Well, these Youtube celebrities rolling in luxury will prove you wrong, make you want to quit your day job, and pick up the camera.

1. Pew Die Pie
This Swedish vlogger’s real name is Felix Kjellberg, and with 42 million followers, he tops this list. At just 24, he pulled in about $12 million bucks a year, thanks to his “Bro Army” of followers. Impressive!

2. Rhett and Link
Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III are both engineers and comedians (talk about a real catch), and they earn 4.5 million a year (no seriously, talk about a real catch). With over 3 millions subscribers, and sponsorships with big brands like Wendy’s and Toyota.

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