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These Groomsmen Had A Surprise In Store That Left Everyone In Tears

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Brandon thought that, on his wedding day, he wouldn’t be able to see his mother.

His mom was bed-ridden because of her scoliosis, so the groom figured she wouldn’t be able to attend the ceremony. However, his loving groomsmen had a surprise for him: they paid for ambulatory transportation for his mom.

The moment they reveal the surprise is almost too sweet to handle.

It’s no surprise that this groom was in tears!


Brandon’s mother wasn’t going to be able to attend the wedding due to being bed-ridden with scoliosis so his groomsmen surprised him by paying for an ambulance to transport her to the wedding. See this emotional surprise scene for the groom just moments before the ceremony.

Posted by Your Day Productions on Monday, February 8, 2016


Don’t mind us, we’re just overwhelmed by the love and generosity of Brandon’s friends.

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