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5 Beautiful Model Daughters Of Supermodel Mothers

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Having a supermodel mother doesn’t guarantee success in the picky fashion industry. However, it definitely doesn’t hurt as a bunch of daughters of ex-supermodels have recently shown. Jerry Hall’s daughter Georgia May Jagger as well as Yolanda Foster’s girl Gigi Hadid have become quintessential second-generation models who managed to secure a place in the spotlight and on the runway. The trend is gaining momentum as a growing number of genetically blessed teenagers are joining the modeling’s elite. Take a look at young budding models you still may not have heard about and who have clearly won the genetic lottery. They’re going to take the fashion industry by storm!

Lila Grace Moss
Meet the 13-year-old daughter of Kate Moss and the publisher of iconic Dazed magazine Jefferson Hack. Lila has entered into the territory of high fashion, having appeared alongside her bonafide status mother on the cover of Vogue Italia in June, 2016. The spitting image of her dad, Lila Grace has also inherited her mother’s radiant smile and exceptional skills for modeling. The photogenic heiress of two of the most influential personalities in the UK’s fashion industry already looks like a freckled flower bud that is clearly going to bust into blossom and make quite a few tsunamis in the fashion world. Stay tuned!


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