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Animal Whisperer Allan Dixon Shows Us How To Take Amazing Wildlife Selfies

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If you’ve ever tried to take selfies with your pets, you know that pulling off the perfect photo is no small feat. Getting them to stay in the frame is difficult as it is, and making them sit still while also holding an adorable pose is almost impossible. My dog, for example, is apparently allergic to taking photos with me.

But can you imagine trying to do the same thing with wild animals? I don’t even think I’d bother. Fortunately for us, a guy named Allan Dixon has a precious collection of animal selfies. Most importantly of all, he’s nailed down a foolproof guide to taking photos with less conventional critters. Here’s what you have to do.

1. Make the animal comfortable. As Dixon explained to RT, “You have to gain their trust in their own environment for a while.”

2. Help them adjust to your presence by lying still and waiting for them to come to you.

When a pony has a better hairstyle than you. 🐴 💇 #selfie #pony #westernaustralia

A photo posted by Allan Dixon – Adventurer (@daxon) on

3. Silence any sounds that your phone or camera might make so that your furry subjects don’t get scared.

4. Offer up a few snacks. “Always bring carrots and apples wherever you go,” he writes.

Close your eyes, and go in for a kiss. 😘 I was slightly scared about the whole thing #ducks #animals #selfie #kiss

A photo posted by Allan Dixon – Adventurer (@daxon) on

5. Be prepared to dole out (and receive) a kiss or two.

6. Get a handle on your body language. “The main aim is to let them know that they’re safe being around you,” he said.

(via My Modern Met)

And there you have it. A comprehensive guide to snapping selfies with animals that actually look like they want to be near you! While Dixon’s area of expertise is capturing adorable moments with critters that have no interest in being house pets, you could probably use these tips the next time you harass your dog into posing with you.

To see more of this quirky photographer’s work, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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