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What You Don’t Want To Find In The Middle Of The Woods Is An Abandoned Cemetery

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When you’re out on a hike, enjoying nature, the last thing you want to be reminded of is your own mortality. Especially if that reminder comes in the form of an old, abandoned graveyard. It sounds like a very specific example, but that’s the exact situation Redditor jfreeman81 found himself in while exploring the woods behind his great-grandmother’s house…

After 20 minutes of wandering, jfreeman81 came across this overgrown and very abandoned cemetery.

After uploading the photos to Reddit to share his creepy find with the world, jfreeman81 learned a little bit about the graveyard.

According to Reddit, what we’re seeing here is the old Newman Cemetery, located in Forrest County, Mississippi.

Beyond that, though, details on the cemetery are scarce.

According to Find A Grave, the cemetery is home to 15 souls who died between 1901 and 1926.

Clearly this was an operational cemetery for many years, but exactly when and why it was abandoned is unknown.

Many of these headstones are in remarkably good condition for their age.

(source Reddit)

Well, that’s pretty darn freaky if I do say so myself. If I were that guy, I would get in touch with a local historical society to figure out what happened.

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