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Every Tuesday, These Hospital Employees Do Something Special For Sick Kids

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If you walked into a hospital and saw the staff wearing tutus, you would probably raise an eyebrow. But what if you found out that the tutus were for an excellent cause?

That”s exactly what the employees at Joe DiMaggio Hospital do every Tuesday. The staff gets together and dons their best ballet gear to celebrate their official weekly holiday of Tutu Tuesday.

The holiday started when one sick patient requested that Dr. Tony Smith wear a tutu over his scrubs before performing surgery. Someone caught the moment on camera, and it went viral shortly after. Since the news spread of the tutu-clad doctor, the hospital decided to make it a weekly tradition.

The doctors of Joe DiMaggio Hospital now sport a tutu every week to cheer up the kids. However, this doesn”t only put the kids of the hospital in a better mood; it carries over to the adults as well.

(via NBCMiami)

The workers of Joe DiMaggio Hospital know that wearing the tutus is ridiculous, but they don”t care and they don”t mind. As long as it brightens a few of their patients” days, then that”s all they care about. I think more hospitals should employ this tactic, because it seems to be doing wonders for the moods of everyone involved.

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