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He’s Been Getting Pieces Of Meat In The Mail, And He Has No Idea Who’s Sending Them

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When you receive a mysterious package in the mail, chances are that what’s inside isn’t good. All you can do is hope that it’s an item that you forgot you ordered online.

But nine times out of 10, it’s something incredibly creepy that never should’ve been opened. Such was the case for Redditor jasonrandall when he started receiving mysterious parcels full of meat.

Here is one of the packages in question. It looked pretty standard, aside from the fact that there wasn’t a return address.

But that’s where the normalcy ended. Inside was a frozen piece of ham.

Like any good millennial, he posted a picture of it on Facebook. In the comments, he joked about getting bacon next time. Lo and behold, the next package that arrived contained bacon.

It also included a terrifying note.

Right after getting his package of bacon, he went straight to Facebook and said that he wanted chicken next time, hoping to catch his mystery meat stalker in the act. He ended up getting some chicken, but he didn’t get any answers along with it.

You guessed it! There was another bizarre letter inside.

And then things got even more insane. On day 4, he opened an envelope and found some underwear and a slice of bread. This weirdness was not accompanied by a note.

(source: Reddit)

Well, that’s a unique way to stalk someone. No word on whether jasonrandall survived his run-in with the meat stalker. I prefer to believe that the packages were actually from a creepy food subscription service that he forgot about.

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