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What This Widower Was Handed After Dinner Left Me In Tears

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Peter Bilello cared very deeply about his wife. They were married for 50 years, and their love was still going strong when his wife, Grace, was diagnosed with cancer. She battled through it for over 5 years until she passed away in November 2014.

Before her death, Peter had an idea to keep them together forever. They”d each sign a dollar bill and he”d keep them together in his wallet for good luck. Unfortunately, Peter mistakenly spent those two dollars and felt horrible about it. He didn”t know where or when he spent them; all he knew was that the bills were gone forever.

Or so he thought, until something amazing happened…

ABC US News | World News

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I bet Peter couldn”t believe his eyes when this little miracle happened. This time, you better make sure to keep that bill in a safe and secure place, Peter. You got a second chance at this, and I”m sure you won”t blow it.

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