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The U.S Men’s Gymnastics Team Is So Sexy They Broke Instagram

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us_mens_gymnastics_team_is_so_sexy_they_broke_instagram_00 Soak in this gloriously athletic and sexy shirtless group that all just happen to be on the same team. Even if they didn’t have Olympian talent, we would still be on that team, whatever team it was. Drool. And what’s the odds that a group of these genetically gifted boys are on the same team, and are BFFs? And we get to see them half-undressed and wearing spandex, or shirtless at the beach? So many fantasies running through our minds – we bet they’re running through yours as well.

1. Donnell Whittenburg
Donnell takes a day off at the beach and we’re glad he documented it – blue camo and a selfie stick have never looked so good.

2. Jake Dalton
And we probably couldn’t hold that pose for more than half a second. Luckily, we don’t have to – we just get to watch him flex his sexy chest and abs, all while maintaining perfectly coiffed hair and a Blue Steel gaze.

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