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Graphite Pencil Demo – Tips on Drawing and Shading Hands

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Graphite Pencil Demo – Tips on Drawing and Shading Hands

I’ll show you how to draw a Spider-Man hand pose with lots of tips on the drawing process and shading. Get more demos like this in the premium course at
It’s time to dig out those hand bone assignment drawings and give ‘em some flesh! In this hand drawing demo, I’ll show you my process for drawing hands with lots of tips on shading. I’ll be tracing over my bone drawing, maintaining the structure, while adding muscles and other surface details. If you need a refresher on hand details, go watch Part 2 of the hand lesson: That lesson will teach you about all about fingernails, skin folds, fat pads, tendons, and veins.

Want more of these demos? The Premium lesson includes 3 more hand demos in graphite, charcoal and digital. Full body anatomy course at
Hand Drawing Lessons
How to Draw Hand Bones

Part 1 – Muscle Anatomy of the Hand

Part 2 – Details for Realistic Hands!

Part 3 – Hands from Imagination
Coming Soon!

Part 4 – Demos of…
Coming Soon!

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Artist | Instructor | Producer – Stan Prokopenko (Production Assistance – Sean Ramsey (Editing – Dzmitry Tsydzik (Sean Ramsey, Stan Prokopenko

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