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Top 10 Indian Youtube Stars |2017| Bhuvan Bam,CarryMinati,Technical Guruji

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Top 10 Indian Youtube Stars |2017| Bhuvan Bam,CarryMinati,Technical Guruji


Top 10 Indian youtubecash” rel=”nofollow” >Youtube Stars|2017|Bhuvan Bam|CarryMinati|Technical Guruji

This is a Top 10 Countdown Video of Indian youtubecash” rel=”nofollow” >Youtube Stars 2017.
The List or Rank is prepared according to the Number of Subscribers. So the most subscribed will be on the #1. And all the youtubecash” rel=”nofollow” >Youtubers included in the list are Individuals. So, the youtube stars like Sahil Khattar of Being Indian and Tanmay Bhat of All India Bakchod are not included in the list. And same goes to the Indian Top channels like All India Bakchod, TVF, Being Indian. We have included the number of Subscribers and overall views of each youtubers. But we have not included the Revenue of earnings figure as it’s not predictable to estimate the figures and we feel that estimation given in the site SocialBlade.com are too unrealistic. So the List are as follows:

10. Pooja Luthra:
9. C4ETech:
8. Geeky Ranjit:
7. Carry Minati:
6. Actor Varun Pruthi:
5. Technical Guruji:
4. Kabita’s Kitchen:
3. Nisha Madhulika:
2. Sandeep Maheswari:
1. BB Ki Vines:

Note: The figure of Subscribers and Overall Views may be increased by the time you are watching this video, as the figure increases so quickly.

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