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Meet ‘Eye-Catching’ Twin Cats Iriss And Abyss: CUTE AS FLUFF

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Meet ‘Eye-Catching’ Twin Cats Iriss And Abyss: CUTE AS FLUFF


PAVEL DYAGILEV: I’m the owner of the most beautiful twin cats in the world.
COMM: These kittens and their distinctive
eyes captured the heart of 31-year-old MC and choreographer Pavel at first sight.
PAVEL DYAGILEV: I was so blown away by their
appearances and the fact that they were twin sisters.
COMM: The ten-month-old kittens have a rare
genetic condition called Heterochromia, where iris melanin levels differ.
PAVEL DYAGILEV: It’s not a defect, it’s
just, you know, genetic lottery, because their parents are domestic cats, the father is a
black-and-white cat and the mother is a white cat.
COMM: Other health problem like deafness or
blindness can accompany the condition, but luckily Pavel’s cats have a clean bill of health.
PAVEL DYAGILEV: They hear and see perfectly
well. They can hear an opening can from the other end of the house.
COMM: And despite being identical, the twin
kittens have very different personalities.
PAVEL DYAGILEV: Iriss is more easy going.
PAVEL DYAGILEV: Abyss is, you know, has
a character of a true diva. She will communicate with you only when she wants to.
COMM: But they do happily share a stylish
Instagram page showcasing their unique looks.
PAVEL DYAGILEV: The philosophy of the sis
twins page is that each picture is a perfect shot like, you know, in a gallery of art.
COMM: Thanks to their unusual appearance,
these adorable cats are truly eye-catching.

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