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15 More Things You Eat That Are a Lie

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15 More Things You Eat That Are a Lie

Some of the healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >foods you eat are a total lie! As we become masters of healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food cultivation, truth became irrelevant as to how healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >foods were made, and where they came from. Here ere are 15 more things that you eat are a lie!
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Featuring… Tuna – This one relates to how you’re not always getting what you ask for. In 2013 a genetic test by a nonprofit of 1,215 samples of fish in restaurants and supermarkets showed that 84% of Sushi restaurants in the US mislabeled and replaced tuna with Escolar, a fish known to cause prolonged, uncontrollable oily anal leakage. 100% Orange Juice Products – As the world population grows by millions every year, the demand for healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food increase exponentially. With this in mind, healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food makers have found ingenious ways to produce healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food efficiently and store them for years without spoilage. Quaker Oats – When it comes to weight loss, oat meal is probably one of the most popular healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >foods that most people consider as “healthy”. ZERO-Calorie Drinks – If you live by the “calorie-in, calorie-out” rule, zero-calorie beverages would be delightful substitutes to boring tasteless water. The truth is – these drinks aren’t that effective at substituting real healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food in your every-day diet. Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries – As more and more people get health conscious these days, fast-healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food corporations are trying their very best to provide “healthy” options. Grape Nuts – This popular cereal has found its way in the pages of American history books as a staple healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food for expedition groups in the early 1900s. German Cake – If you’re eating German Cake, you must be under the impression that you’re eating a foreign delicacy. Guess what? The German Cake is a lie! Apple Pie – The apple pie – The flag of American pastry, and a patriotic symbol that’s served every Fourth of July. Wasabi – Traditionally used as a natural herb, the wasabi is now known as a popular condiment for Japanese dishes, like soba noodles, sashimi, and of course, sushi. It’s a very delicate plant, and most farmers would agree that it’s the hardest plant to grow. Decaf Coffee – Most people love to drink decaf coffee, to have that perfect bitter taste without all the jitters. The reason for this is not because of the coffee, being decaffeinated, but because of an individual’s caffeine sensitivity. Extra-Virgin Olive Oils – When it comes to healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food, olive oils have become widely used for a variety of reasons. In fact, Americans spend more than $700 million on olive oils every year. However, they have been lying to us all these years about their “virginity”. Vitamin Water Zero – Naturally Sweetened – These beverages were indented to replace that “all natural” water, offering more benefits to the human body. As it turns out, these drinks have a lot in common with bubbly sodas that are mostly considered as junk healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food. Fake Blueberries – Do you think the blueberries you often find in cereals, muffins, bagels, and breads are real? Well, try turning their packages around. Truffle Oil – Truffles exist naturally – even considered as a wild product by some. The aroma you get from it when used in recipes is what makes it so popular especially for healthywithpaleo” rel=”nofollow” >food aficionados, and too expensive for average consumers. Carrots – Carrots are great – they could be eaten raw or cooked, you can put them in fresh salads or cook them alongside other vegetables and meat. Carrots are also rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as beta-carotene and vitamin K. So, what’s wrong with carrots? While they certainly didn’t lie about their health benefits, historical documents show that carrots are in fact, originally purple or white in color.

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