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Fitness Friday: 7 Celebrities Show You How It’s Done

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Get ready to get inspired and kick some butt – starting THIS weekend.

No, they didn’t wake up like this. These bendy bodies and beautifully toned muscles are a result of hard work and a lot of time in the gym. Enough sitting around and judging them from the extended comfort of your couch. It’s time to get inspired, get up, and get moving.

1. 43 and mother of two, Malaika Arora Khan’s Instagram feed is the inspiration every woman can use, mother or not.

Malaika 1


2. Meet Jacqueline Fernandez. Uspide down. Taking the perfect selfie, while casually flaunting core strength.

Jacqueline 1


3. Ever tried doing a split? Know what you look like when you do it? Yeah, it’s not this. Damn Nargis Fakhri. Have all the points. 

nargis 1


4. We’re gonna assume this is a behind-the-scenes look at how Sonakshi Sinha is able to kick the ass of anyone who’s ever tried to body shame her.

Sonakshi 1


5. That’s Lisa Haydon, giving us highly unrealistic flexibility goals. Bye.

Lisa 1


6. Look at Deepika Padukone making us envy her slender body while she casually immerses herself into some casual crunches.

Deepika 1


7. As if fitness goals weren’t enough, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are also giving us some serious couple goals. #FitLoveGoals?

Bipasha 1


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