Aug 29, 2017

Only 1 in 1000 Can Get Two Different Answers To This Brain Teaser!

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An intelligence test disguised as a math problem is sweeping Facebook. The instructions are to simply think outside of the box.

There are two answers to the brain teaser below, but only 1 in 1000 people will get the second answer. That is why it is deemed to be an intelligence test.

math problem

If you can’t figure out the first problem, try your hand at the second one, then we’ll give you the answer to the first one below it!

viral math problem

Check out the video below to get the answer:

And here are the two answers to the first problem:

First Solution

Most people will add 1 and 4 to get 5.

For the second problem, they will add 2 and 5 to the sum of 5 to get 12.

Next, they add 3 + 6 to get 9, then add nine to the sum in the equation above (12) to get 21.

Finally, most people add 8 + 11 to get 19, then add it to the sum of the previous line (21) to get 40.

Second Solution

Now, a select few will get a much larger answer. It all depends on how you think outside of the box to solve this puzzle. This answer involves multiplication.

The first problem is solved by adding 1 to 4×1.

Then they add 2 to 2×5 to get 12.

Third, they add 3 to 6×3 to get 21.

For the final answer, these Einsteins add 8 to 11×8 to get 96.

If you got 40, don’t feel bad. You’re in good company! At least you still got it right!  I got 40, too.

If you liked these problems, see if you can correctly solve this viral math problem.

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Source: Daily Mail

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