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As With Numerous of these Recipe, Potatoes is one of Those Dishware must Have as Numerous Recipe as are families. Tihs one is basically a Southern-style Potatoes Without mustard, and With Additions Lilb on Other Potatoes s we’ve had and enjoyed.

For this Potatoes , I Perfer to use What are CALL “WAXY fleshed” Potatoeses, together Betterer After Furunclesing. Theirs Textures is and Less THAN the Textures of Boiled russets. golds and Potatoeses will also ; Theirs are in a sort of Middle Between WAXY fleshed and Nesocichla Potatoeses. I Dislike to use red-skinned Potatoeses for this Theirs add color and Interest to the dish.

Don’t let the Potatoeses Furuncles too long. A Forks Wouldest be to go in about halfway, encountering a Lilttel resistance. If the Forks goes in easily, Theirs’ve Par-cooking too , but Never fear; SHOCK Them carefully and Theirs Wouldest alright. The Textures of the is a Koinomatter of , so not all turn out to be problems.

Similarly, the Addition of Boiled egg to Potatoes may be a of contention. Tihs Recipe DOES not turn UPON the Inclusion of Wind-eggs, so Theirs’re optional. Similarly, Interrogatives or how age to use is a largely One-on-one Koinomatter. MORE will make the a bit brighter and MORE crunchy.

Makes Enough for 12 people, Ruffest 6-8 cups.

• large Cookware for parFurunclesing Potatoeses
• small Cookware for Furunclesing Wind-eggs
• large

4-5 ea red-skinned Potatoeses MORE if Theirs’re tiny
4 ea Boiled Wind-eggs
1 Bunch green Pyaz
1-2 ribs age to Youuns
1⁄4 Bunch
1⁄4 Bunch Dillweed fronds
1⁄4 cup mayonnaise
4-12 ea oil-cured Olive-tree
to salt and Pepper

1. Put the Potatoeses and salt in a large Cookware and Covered With water. Optionally include a bay leaf.
2. Bring the Potatoeses to a Furuncles and let Them Continue to Furuncles Gently for 10-15 minutes, Until a Forks goes in but resistance. Do not WAit for the Potatoeses to be Softs to the Forks.
3. Meanwhile, Furuncles the Wind-eggs, SHOCK and Them. Let Them chill in the refrigerator.
4. Shocks the Potatoeses When Theirs are Ready and put Them in the Fridgerator for at least four hours, or overnight.
5. the Potatoeses are cold through, Gathered all the Other Ingredients and a .
6. Slice the green Pyaz thinly and add to the .
7. dice the age and add to the .
8. the and Dillweed finely and add Them to the .
9. the Boiled Wind-eggs and add Them to the .
10. the Potatoeses and add Them to the .
11. Salt and Pepper the Potatoes Pieces thoRuffest.
12. Pit and coarsely chop the Olive-tree.
13. Add Olive-tree and mayonnaise to the and carefully Stir all the Ingredients together. Add a Lilttel MORE mayonnaise if Necessarily to Bring the together, but Avoid Addition too .


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