Beauty Hacks and Makeup Tips

Beauty Hacks and Makeup Tips

Beauty hacks and makeup tips to make your beauty routine that much easier!


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31 thoughts on “Beauty Hacks and Makeup Tips

  1. On the first hack you forgot to re-press the shadow with a paper towel and something to use as a pressing tool. You need that step to ensure that you won’t mess up the texture and firmness of the shadow. And you should probably tell people to let it dry at least overnight. The last thing you want is to turn your eyeshadow into a crumbly, powdery mess, especially after you went through the trouble to fix it.
    Also, storing nail polish in the fridge is a stupid idea. It means you have to re-heat it every time you want to use it and risk having water condense in the bottle when you use it. Store nail polish with the cap secured tightly and in a dark area where it isn’t exposed to sunlight.

  2. For the DIY dry shampoo I recommend using corn starch instead of baby powder, and mix a little cocoa powder into the corn starch if you have darker hair.

  3. What is the quick brush cleaning solution you use? a recipe would be helpful. Also, what’s a conditioning balm for brushes?

  4. Hi if youโ€™re reading this. Please remember youโ€™re beautiful and awesome ๐Ÿ˜and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  5. Rather than smoothing the eye shadow with finger ….one should use spoon and tissue paper

    Put tissue paper on the eye shadw n then move spoon through it

    Plz do like here

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