Priyanka Chopra’s Guide to Skincare | Little Black Book | Harper’s BAZAAR

Priyanka Chopra’s Guide to Skincare | Little Black Book | Harper’s BAZAAR

Priyanka Chopra says her mom Madhu is the "most important person in my little black book." Though she works with the best stylists, hair gurus, and makeup artists in the business, Priyanka prefers to call up her mom when she needs some beauty wisdom. "Since she was a little girl she always took care of her skin, and made me realize when I was a little girl the importance of it," she says. "Of course when you're young, you don't listen as much but as I grew older I realized all these little tricks and amazing secrets that she had were integral to my skin."

In the second episode of Little Black Book, Priyanka sits down with her Mom to talk all things skincare.

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108 thoughts on “Priyanka Chopra’s Guide to Skincare | Little Black Book | Harper’s BAZAAR

    1. @Subhadra Mahanta No they are not. Curd is fermented by adding acidic substance like lemon juice, vinegar or previous batch of curd into lukewarm milk. Whereas, Yoghurt creation is an industrial process where strains of Lactobacillus bacteria specifically, Lactobacillus bulgaris and streptococcus thermophillus (other strains can also be added) into milk making yoghurt a homogenous and standardised product.

    2. @Norma Salas U should use curd/yogurt Because when it’s mixed with flour and applied on face,it acts as natural bleach and when this pack dries off u can feel tight face, which helps blood circulation , which indirectly helps you to glow.

      Curd is effective compared to milk

    1. @Eliza C. Both her mother and father are Indian… Her father had passed away though and that explains her tattoo since she got it for her late father…

    1. I’m not from Mauritius but I am from the Caribbean. I have a very light complexion some days people don’t even know that. Because of how much the sun just cooks me alive. This whole month I have been pretty dark and somewhat oily .. when I literally lighter with dry skin that is easily irritated. I honestly don’t know how to handle the sun situation.

  1. Geez the people in the comment section here are so hateful. Priyanka is very beautiful with or without makeup/cosmetic surgery. Stop bringing other women down.

    1. @Amelie Paradis What makes them not feel beautiful? Umm…low self esteem, bullying by their peers, not feeling good enough…there are hundreds of other reason. Not everyone is born as perfect as you (which i am guessing you are since you apparently never had any of these feelings before). If someone wants to feel/look beautiful and has the means to do so then who are you or me to stop them? If getting a nose job or a lip injection will make them love themselves more then let them. As long as its not causing them any danger what’s the harm in it. Besides, its their body and their money. Why are people acting like they’re the one who paid for the procedure?

      Also, doesn’t bullying a woman for wanting to feel beautiful count as abuse? You say its fine for people to comment what they want as long as they don’t abuse her but isn’t that what these people are doing? Literally hating on her and bullying her everyday in the comments, calling her degrading names and insulting her. Do you people forgett the fact that celebs are human with feelings too? A lot of people committ suicide or harm themselves due to bullying. And people like you who act like this is okay are no better than the bullies! Just because she is a celeb does not make it okay. Priyanka gets a lot of unnecessary and undeserved hate. You call her a hypocrite but you are no better.

    2. @RichRoseGold yeah but she did change the entire shape of her nose altogether. I’m not against plastic surgery though. I want a nose job too.

    1. @Selvarani the real idiot is someone who just can’t go beyond his own eyes. Lucky for the humanity that the famous apple, fell over the head of Issac Newton and not yours. Otherwise, you would have just eaten it and finished napping and we still haven’t discovered yet the gravitational forces 🤷🏻‍♀️. Which are mainly the force applied by the earth to the little objects surrounding it. And that’s only the earth! Just imagine the force and the impact of a planet that’s 945% the size of the earth (Saturn). The examples that show how ignorant you are just limitless. Never heard of tides 🤦🏻‍♀️? You are too ignorant to call other idiots.

      And just to clarify, if I replied to your stupid comment, it’s not because I gave you importance but for educational purposes only.

  2. This girl is literally on top of the world. She seems so satisfied and happy with her life. I have a lot of self love and growing to do, but her contentment inspires me. I hope I will reach to her level of happiness.

    1. But remember in the last days people will be self loved, angry, etc from Peter chapter in Bible.
      Self love is not good according to bible

  3. I am jealous…. The bond you share with your mom is so precious, and I can say the love in your eyes for your mom has nothing to do with the camera

  4. Two strong and independent women.. Loved their bonding. priyanka’s mom Truly genius in skin care. She mix science and simplicity in beauty care. Loved it😍

    1. @Nazz M you don’t have to be mean. Not all Asians are as hairy as a man. I’m South Asian too and I’m not hairy.

  5. She realized she’s beautiful when she was 20. When am I gonna realize that I am beautiful? Or am I really not beautiful lmao

  6. Her saying her skin changed every hour while she was in Mauritius is the exact reason why me, a Mauritian girl, stays inside the house 😂

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