What Happens To Your Skin When You Rub An Ice Cube On Your Face

What Happens To Your Skin When You Rub An Ice Cube On Your Face

Glowing face with beautiful skin is what every woman desires. It makes them look stunning and attractive.

But due to the pollution and harsh environment maintaining a glowing and radiant skin is becoming difficult day by day.

Facials and spa treatments are good for refreshing and rejuvenating your skin but they are expensive and time taking.

No need to worry.

In today’s video, I’m going to tell you a simple home remedy that can provide you with the same benefits but a cheaper cost and at the comfort of your home.

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111 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Skin When You Rub An Ice Cube On Your Face

  1. “Reduces inflamation and acne”
    “Reduces sebum production”
    “Reduces under eye bags”
    Guys where do I find an iceberg

  2. Now I know why Elsa is the prettiest.
    Edit – The amount of likes I’ve got is more than the amount of people I’ve met in my entire life. ha.

  3. Yall. To people asking if it works, Yes it does. So im a teen with fungal acne (the type of acne that are not pimples but small annoying bumps all over) and i have a combination skin type (oily on the tzone and dry on the cheeks). Its been almost a year since i was exploring different products but non of them seem to work. Some did reduce my acne but it didnt make it go away. But then i tried using ice cubes last month and after using it continuously for 2-3 weeks, I TELL YOU. The bumps are going away and my skin became more glowy and healthy. And take note i sleep at 6am and my skin’s still doin ok 😭 the ice cubes does reduce inflammation and redness, and it does help your skincare products absorb better. I suggest you use it at night before going to sleep so you wake up with a calm and glowy face. Also, please please pleaase do your best ti prevent processed sugary foods and dairy products because it does affect our health and acne. Ik its hard bc im basically inlooove with milk and chocolates but we have to for the sake of our skin 😩. PLUS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE USE SUNSCREEN (even if you’re just at home) And to anyone still reading this, chin up king/queen!! You’ll have bomb skin soon tooo! ❤️

    1. Thank u for this, i start to rub ice on my face today before going to sleep, and I’m glad i saw this we have same skin type too, combination skin, so thank u i will continue doing this.

    2. @julie tom zietlow Yeah! I use a breastmilk to wash my face before and It’s pretty good. (I am using my mom’s extra milk because she produces so much and just goes to waste)

    1. Yep, no guy wants acne, dry skin, or oily puss filled skin. So it’s only normal for a guy to want beautiful skin. :^

  4. “It reduces inflammation and acne”
    “Reduce sebum production”
    “Reduce under eye bags”

    Me: “Ok first I’m going to north pole and then to korea.”

  5. *I know that it’s just not me who had this moments in their childhood*

    Many kids going to the fridge to get something but get distracted by ice cubes or some ice then instantly just rubs it all over the face,us children back then are geniuses 👌😂👏✨

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