12 COOLEST Gadgets for MEN That Are Worth Buying

12 COOLEST Gadgets for MEN That Are Worth Buying

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Today’s set is full of functional and handy gadgets every man would appreciate. Get ready for the most unusual knives and the most unusual way to use lasers. Oh, and you’ll see the watch for a real titan.

0:00 Introduction
0:16 Survival kit:
0:55 Mini Knives: // //
1:41 inCharge 6 Universal Cable Connector:
2:25 Tiny Survival Card:
3:05 Rolling Knee Pads:
3:47 Truss Multitool:
4:32 Lighters: //
4:59 Burger Press:
5:38 Set of Shot Glasses:
6:06 Universal Socket Grip:
6:46 Magnetic Wristband:
7:16 URWERK UR 1001 Watch:

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On the #YouFact #Tech channel, we speak about cool #gadgets for #MEN, and your room, home, pc and car that you can buy on #Amazon. We find the most interesting #accessories and #coolthings for you and show them three times a week on our channel.

57 thoughts on “12 COOLEST Gadgets for MEN That Are Worth Buying

    1. @Hal as a man it is my sworn duty to protect my brothers from this worthless crap and shout BULLSHIT!!…. the marketing department is trolling women with this crap because no man would buy it themselves! and if you would, you must immediately turn your man card in lust give it to your mom, she will know what to do.

  1. Just what I wanted, a watch that has half the functionality of my phone, is twice the size of my phone, and requires oil changes.

    1. Sorry that watch, I’m just not into branding being displayed, and that watch has *a fool is soon parted with his money* blazoned across all 15 kg of it…

    1. I actually bought one which was 50 cents on Alibaba for myself and my wife on her keychain. I used it to open boxes mostly. So then I don’t have to run to find a knife or a utility blade for opening a box, which it does no problem.
      If I was a teen still, or in univ. it also would work well for opening a can for shot gunning a beer, etc.
      I have seen for more more useless things for 50 cents… the blade is super sharp, and stainless steel, handle it copper, so yea, if I ever have to cut my way out of zipties could be worth it…
      If you want to talk useless, a 15lbs weight strapped to my wrist that tells time, and lets you know when you need to change your oil has zero purpose on this planet.. .

    1. Look at the bright side, now with Biden putting us back in the Paris agreement and his shot down of the Canadian-American pipeline, it’ll cost you over $50 when it’s time to get that oil change for watch

    2. @Halfbeard Jones I’m pretty sure Joe will add a carbon tax so that each oil change is enough to buy the kind of watch I currently use. Of course he won’t care about such peasant taxes because his wealthy friends will simply gift watches like this and more to his son

  2. Damn, a lot of these are so simple yet so profitable. Makes me ask “can i invent something that’ll make this task more efficient?” Whenever im working on some project

    1. I am not sure how much they made but the two chicks that ‘invented’ the idea of putting a thumbhole in long sleeve sweaters and shirts etc. When they first got JCPenny to invest many years ago they made millions- Essentially one of them started putting her thumb through the sleeve seam busted on a sweatshirt- her mom or aunt or something saw it and the rest is fashion and financial history. They literally took a mishap wrote it up and went for it.

    1. so she can move from dude to dude to dude ???? i not sure you thought that one throught there buddy or maybe shes got alot of Carpet to get around to huh?

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