5 Amazing Paper Tricks And Illusions!

5 Amazing Paper Tricks And Illusions!

We made 5 different paper tricks and illusions. We show you how to make them and how awesome they look!

1. 0:05 – 1:33 Origami Ball
2. 1:33 – 2:21 3D Pop Up House
3. 2:21 – 4:45 T-Rex Illusion
4. 4:45 – 5:50 3D Design
5. 5:50 – 6:30 3D Object

#1 Paper Sphere
Wanna play football, but dont have a ball? Put your problems behind you!

#2 3D Pop-up House
Build your very own appartament with your bare hands in only couple of minutes!

#3 T-Rex Illusion
A very interesting paper fold makes eye contact with you where ever you go!

#4 3D Stairs
Wanna reach the top, but don't have money? Search no more! Fold your very own staircase and visit places you've never though you visit!

#5 3D Print
Amazing 2D illusions makes flat paper prints appear as if they we're 3D!

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Approaching Nirvana:

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41 thoughts on “5 Amazing Paper Tricks And Illusions!

  1. If you’re interested in part 2 or step by step tutorial hit like button under this comment. If it goes up to 50 we will make one.
    EDIT: Part 2 is finally out! We appreciate all the support guys!

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