Baby Goldie has a Party But Doesn’t Invite LOL Punk Boy

Baby Goldie has a Party But Doesn’t Invite LOL Punk Boy

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LOL Baby Goldie is so excited to have her very first fancy girls tea party. She bakes miniature DIY Cookies in the Barbie pink kitchen and sets up her mini tea set. Everything needs to be perfect!
Her best friend LOL Sarah arrives! They are so excited to get started. Punk Boi comes over to see what Goldies doing. He is excited to join the tea party! But he is not as fancy as they are. Punk boi accidentally knocks over the desserts and Goldie gets upset. Punk boi didn't mean to make a mess.
The next day Goldie tries to go to the playground but Punk Boy is ignoring her. She follows him to his secret clubhouse! Goldie learns a valuable lesson of how to treat friends and that everyone makes mistakes! Will Goldie and Punk Boi become best friends again? LOL Goldie is a sweet and funny little girl, the best LOL Family stories and episodes by Titi toys dolls.

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