107 thoughts on “Dunkirk – Trailer 1 [HD]

    1. How does he do it? Intensely intimate even in the most epic scenes. How the hell does he do it??
      (Rhetorical question — the man is a genius)

  1. So many people have been complaining that Nolan cast Harry Styles in this movie, but you’ve got to remember: they also complained about him casting Heath Ledger as the Joker. What’s my point? NEVER DOUBT NOLAN.

  2. Quentin Tarantino recently called this movie “perfect.” That’s gotta be the most valuable film review for this movie

  3. Dunkirk and 1917 makes you appreciate the life we live today. We must never forget. They are both masterpieces and deserve all the recognition.

  4. Pov: you’re looking for the harry styles comments

    Edit: Omg I never in my 11 years of life thought that I would get this many likes on a comment. Thank you so much.🥰

    1. I watched for like 100 times and every time I watched the movie, I broke down crying. We’re so proud of you Harry, for everything you’ve achieved in your life❤❤

  5. The film: the horrors of war and the bravery and heroism that both the soldiers and civilians of the UK showed at Dunkirk

    The comments: OMG HARRY STYLES

    1. @Alexander Scott they featured during literally 3 seconds, it’s my right to be upset about that. without them all of the english soldiers would have died and there is nothing that praises them at least a little in the movie. and this side of the battle is never represented, they don’t even talk about it in History books. it’s a shame (i’m not inventing anything, i’m saying what others said before me). tho it’s not much the movie that i blame (i understand it was a strict english pov) more England in general because they like to erase this part.

    2. @morinette Dunkirk is mythological now.
      Initially, just after Dunkirk, the british press and population saw those french soldiers who formed the sacrificial guard in the Lille pocket and around Dunkirk as heroes.
      However, the relationship between France and the UK turned bad quickly (the vichy governement surrendering, the british attack on the french fleet of Mers El-Kebir …) so the french were soon excluded from the collective memory of the events.

  6. The comments
    0.1% – About the movie

    Edit: OMG ty for the likes I’ve never got more than 200 I think

    1. @west it’s sad but i agree, they don’t give a fork about the movie. i have to admit that i myself came here for harry lmao but he’s not the reason why i stayed. i just enjoyed the movie and wanted to see how the battle was perceived from an english pov. but it’s a shame that they didn’t even show the french side, bc honestly they are the reason why those 400 000 english soldiers got out alive

    2. @morinette They showed the frenchmen at the start of the movie defending their position meanwhile englishmen were retreating,thats enough to know what were they doing

    3. @Luz Mila Doria excuse me but it’s not enough, at all. we barely saw 3 french trying to escape, english refusing them, and that’s all. you don’t realize french soldiers saved their asses, without them, thousands of soldiers would have died, it’s only thanks to them that a huge amount of english soldiers survived. they should have shown more, but they didn’t because that’s what english always do, they skip the french part (it’s actually a thing, you learn about dunkirk at school but not about the bavery of french soldiers, it’s somehow revolting). tho i understand this movie is from an english pov but i find it disrespectful to skip that part. so yeh, if you wanna learn what really happened in dunkirk this movie isn’t great, that’s all i say. but visually it was very pleasant, the actors were great and evth

    4. @Winnie Bumpers honestly your right, I would never of watched Dunkirk if Harry wasn’t in it and now it’s one of my favourite films not because he’s in it but just because how emotional it is 🙁

  7. pov: You’re trying to convince your parents you had no clue Mr. Harold Edward Styles was in this movie. You just wanted to watch a historical movie. This is just a crazy coincidence.

    1. Aw, thank you for feeling sorry for me :D, no fr though, I love war movies, it gives you a feel of what horrors people of the war had to go through. I cant wait to watch it

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