From Broke Doll to Rich Doll / 10 DIY LOL Surprise Ideas

From Broke Doll to Rich Doll / 10 DIY LOL Surprise Ideas

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Elsa and Anna Hacks and Crafts / 10 Frozen DIYs:
Every broke person dreams of getting rich one day! And today such a miracle happened to the mermaid doll! Watch interesting ideas and life hacks for LOL Surprise in our new video.

Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• acrylic paint
• scissors
• brushes
• burlap
• shells
• mesh fabric
• twine
• old earrings
• decorative ribbon that looks like a liana
• chest
• pebbles
• sawdust
• wire that hold a champagne cork
• wire
• beads
• clear elastic ribbons
• different ribbons
• gold sequined fabric
• clear stationary folder
• gold wire
• clear nail polish
• gold sequins
• gold laces
• light blue, blue and gold glitter
• jump rings
• pebbles and rhinestones
• pendants: anchor and stirring wheel
• sewing pins with pearls on the ends
• decorative elements with gold sequins
• plastic wrap from a doll
• sparkly garland
• decorative moth
• bead and half-beads
• coral-shaped decorations
• plastic mermaid tail
• garland
• chopsticks
• small wooden hangers
• tablet from a kinder surprise toy

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56 thoughts on “From Broke Doll to Rich Doll / 10 DIY LOL Surprise Ideas

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  1. Lalilu: Olivia was very poor and then she found something and she became Queen!

    Me: ummmm honey that ain’t how life works, I don’t think you can become Queen 👑 because you found something

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