India steps up scrutiny of Chinese influence group | World News |Latest English News | WION

India steps up scrutiny of Chinese influence group | World News |Latest English News | WION

India has ordered for tougher scrutiny of visa requests by a Chinese non-profit group headed by a senior official of the ruling communist party.

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52 thoughts on “India steps up scrutiny of Chinese influence group | World News |Latest English News | WION

    1. @🇵🇰💪 7W 🇵🇰💪 We will all pray to Allah and also to Xi Jinping, that will surely help. Hang on – Allah and Xi Jinping, aren’t they the same thing?? 🤔

    2. @🇵🇰💪 7W 🇵🇰💪 Try again, I am sure you can come up with a better reply. And, try not making the post in Mandarin or Cantonese. (PS Does this feel like bullying?, I am just trying to make friends).

  1. Breaking news : China called rajnath singh to a talk
    For border dispute
    Source : google
    This shows how much China is scared of quad

    1. बस गोली चलना चाहिए असली वाला फिर जिंग पिंग को

      पट से टपली

    1. @Vishnu Dev Thakur u did not understand then u may say any things dt I don’t know english its ok I am not asemed with dis its u dt not understand what being written btw english is not a tools to show people is intelligent or not…now u coming r8 way now start debate in english if u think english is attach with people knowledge and intelligent it just language not people iq

    2. @Vishnu Dev Thakur now u burning ur hand in wrong way u know realize if u guts then be continue..because u hv some doubt about u I wanna clear

    3. @Vishnu Dev Thakur I know many things just now u know only 1% of me I know micro economy also wanna debate on economy now gdp then u may start like dow jones american market cac french market dax german market or ftse british market gdp crr enemployment data of USA of ecb federal of european union may debate very fruitful debate v can i am also certified technical analysis of stock market on eliotwave theory and fibbonaci retracement chat reader of stock market then we can talk on that i hv huge time …….time won’t be wast promise I am indian I think will think about u positive

    4. @Vishnu Dev Thakur if want to debate on russian revolution lenin or markwadi movement or ottoman empire or cyrus of iran or al saud of saudi arabia or chequbara or pabolo of columbia any topic choose I am here

  2. Recognize
    👉Tibbat as an independent country
    👉Taiwan as a country
    👉Xingyang as ( East Turkmenistan)
    👉Inner Mangolia as a country.
    👉 China should be renamed as ISC Invaided States of China

    1. And Russia is no longer an Indian ally as evidenced at recent UNSC meeting where only 2 nations out of permanent members did not support India – Russia and China. So accept the fact that Russia is now more close to China and no longer an ally to India as it used to be.

    2. @Nikhil Polekar both China and India are our friends! I am confused whom to support…..! I like China for communism and india for our past relations!

    1. What made you to think that….. that too sooo FAST.. you my friend is very fast fast and furious.. the world knew about that just 6 months ago and now.. you realised… Very fast… Very very fast my friend what is your 10th percentage…

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