Zoetropes Create 3D Illusions Using Light

Zoetropes Create 3D Illusions Using Light

These 3D zoetropes create animations that look like real moving sculptures. Kevin Holmes tells us how zoetropes work and shares how he builds them.

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Zoetropes Create 3D Illusions Using Light

80 thoughts on “Zoetropes Create 3D Illusions Using Light

    1. @Gurosama Bltch No, absolutely not! Why then would any painting or piece of music created hundreds of years ago, that is enjoyed today, be considered art? Nobody knows the intention behind the Mona Lisa, but it is one of the most valuable paintings in the world.
      Want a more recent example?
      Spielberg’s first feature film, ‘Duel’, wasn’t made with any other intention than for it to be a 90 minute thrill ride of a man in a car being chased by a truck. But when released in Europe critics saw more meaning to it than that, basically launching Spielbergs career in Europe.
      JRR Tolkien had no intention of LOTR being allegorical (with regards to fascism/nazism), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t.
      If anyone creates something and release it to the public, the public is then free to interpret that however they want. This is the beauty of art, it is free and neither you or anyone else can make it otherwise!

    2. @Gurosama Bltch Art is never required to have meaning in the first place. Like if I draw a really realistic dog just because is that not art? Because even if I as the artist didn’t intend anything, someone, somewhere can and will. Making it art.

    1. how? this is how ppl used to animate when it was a new thing yall just going back to the 90’s thinking yall doing something new lmao

    2. @QuesoGr7 what, 3d animation irl with controlled lighting? The same as stopmotion I guess. Except this one is spinning, but this way you can only make rlly short animation. Only those that can fit on a zoetrope

    1. @Eli no one was comparing the two. They are both brilliant in their own way. But, Mob Psycho 100’s animation is consistent. Unfortunately OPM S2 wasn’t so lucky

    1. @Mallory SF art is people’s way of expressing themselves in creative ways. If you don’t know this you’re no artist. Animation is art, sculpting is art, art isn’t just renaissance paintings you know.

    2. @Mallory SF it’s not my fault you don’t know what art is, and you’re saying to me I devalue art while you deny its definition in the first place, if you don’t like a piece of art it doesn’t make it any less of an artwork, it’s just that subjectively you don’t like it, so don’t be a gatekeeper, If I don’t like rice it doesn’t make it not food, if someone has a passion for videogames but doesn’t play very well it doesn’t make them any less of a gamer.

      Also at least search up the definition of something on the internet before you comment

    3. @Mallory SF Wait, you accuse me of being a savage and then write “Don’t talk to me”…in a *comments section?* Sure thing bro…we all know what comments sections are for, you don’t own them, so if you don’t want to say anything else then don’t, but you don’t just ask people to leave just because.

      of course there are criteria to identify art, I never disagreed with you on that, if you make a literal scratch or a splat on a paper just because, it’s not art because you didn’t express yourself in any *creative or meaningful* (key words) way, it’s a simple scratch. Also feces isn’t a way of expressing yourself xD, its literal human waste…

      I also wasn’t debating the definition of the word artist, an artist is a person who makes creative works and dedicates themselves to it, be either a profession or a hobby, and you even said it yourself, not everyone who makes art is an artist. (Also if you’re gonna talk about how I compared art to gamers, I wasn’t wrong about the definition of a gamer either)
      What I was telling you however, wasn’t if this man was an artist or not, but the fact that he made art, he has the talent and the creativity to do it, and your comments make it seem like you don’t think what this man made is art, which meets the criteria for the word.

      (Also, if sorry if I keep repeating the same words and phrases over and over again, English isn’t my native language :P)

  1. 2:55 “I’m not an artist”
    Damn, I guess anyone would consider this art actually, maybe he is just being humble…

    1. Nah ,I don’t think so.what you still see now is 3 dimensional but if you say that this is how we view as four dimensional then I don’t think they can see or aware of anything.I think that every dimension can’t acknowledge each another because if that is possible it gotta have another timeline for each dimension which well,i think it’ll collapse from just a slightly attach with each other
      Edit:sorry if my english is bad.

    1. @COVID-19 PANDEMIC You mean his metamorphosis or animation? It may look like Escher’s continuous transformation but the storyboarding isn’t that same.

    2. @COVID-19 PANDEMIC …I’m not saying that actually, unless that’s what you think 🙏🙏🙏, so sorry. But if you refering to the inspiration comes from Escher then sure… it can happen. But I just meant that he made a great job making something from his own design rather than “literally taking others idea fully” for it’s important even for people not copy others. That’s all I wanna say so sorry if I escalted you quickly.

    3. I story boarded the animations in detail – down to the accurate way the frogs blink – but Johnathan Scoon is the artist who designed and animated the figurines – https://www.youtube.com/user/scoonani He’s the one who made the fish look cute, scary, scared and stuffed. He really is an artist!

    1. @Kane Draw’s! oh, sorry, it’s been quite a while since I last watched Phantom Menace, that’s the one, right?

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