Against Economics by David Graeber

Against Economics by David Graeber

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David Graeber's essay attacking the institution of economics and its use and misuse by governments in the pursuit of maintaining and advancing capitalist development despite the overwhelming evidence of its futility and potentially devastating consequences.

22 thoughts on “Against Economics by David Graeber

  1. Liberal and further right economics require such insane mental gymnastics that you have to believe that money in the future, completely independent of taxation and interest and inflation, is both more and less valuable than money right now. I’m not joking.

  2. Brilliant but hard to listen to considering the current political handling of the epidemic and the feds flushing the markets while the people get nothing as we head into the second wave and a tough winter.

  3. Actually, monetarism began in Germany already in the 50s. However, it was mostly an idea discussed in the Bundesbank. Only in the 70s under soc dem Helmut Schmidt was it turned into actual policies, having the poor chancellor trying to do deficit spending while the central bank pushed interest rates up.

    1. Maybe if you typed “what is progressive consumer taxes” on google instead, you’d have spent the same effort and time and got a much faster response…

    2. @Louis Victor Did it, found mostly crap by rich people or people who don’t understand the first thing about the economy and want to incentivize saving (which would be awful). Also, none of them explained how they could make a progressive consumption tax even though it was in the titles of the articles. The best I found was exemptions on income tax for lower incomes, which means that the progressivity really comes from the income tax. Maybe your google results are different? (You know that these differ from person to person, right?)

    3. @Markus Pfeifer Mine are pretty shitty too. But still, now you already know more (even if not very satisfying) on the general topic than when you started, and you could even make a more specific and engaging question than “what the hell is X”, which might bring equally more engaging answers than “maybe type that on google?”

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