Consumer advocate Ralph Nader on Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader on Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax





Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and former presidential candidate, joins CNBC's "Closing Bell" to discuss Sen. Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax plans.

49 thoughts on “Consumer advocate Ralph Nader on Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax

    1. Stock sales fees just went away. Tdameritrade / etrade and others have went to free trades. Before when trades cost $10 there was a $2 SEC fee. But since its free now, the fee is gone.

    2. I’m poor and trying to build wealth with stocks. I don’t want a sale taxes as each trade already costs a fee. Investing is also done with money already taxed.

    3. @crazywaffleking like what was said before, since Robin Hood everyone is moving to fee free automated trading. As for taxes, Roth IRA contributions are made with money you were already taxed. Qualified distributions after retirement are not taxed. But, with traditional IRA you make contributions that aren’t taxed and paytaxes on your distributions. If you’re poor now you pay very little, if any tax. So, get a Roth IRA pay taxes now and hope you’re sitting on a nice retirement you can take out tax free. Good luck to you. As for the transaction tax it will not hurt you and is meant to curb Wall Street’s greed and speculation. A tiny tax on Wall Street will bring in huge revenue. That’s how much these pigs are gambling and not adding any real value to the economy. Ask yourself this…do you want to save yourself a few pennies purchasing a share, or send your kids to a public university tuition free? The choice is yours

    4. I would never support anyone who wants to use US taxpayer money to provide health care to illegals. Socialism is just a fantasy, the promise is to elevate the poor but all it does in reality is drag everyone else down into poverty. The economy is doing better under Trump than it is has been for many years, so why gamble on socialism which has failed in virtually every country it has been implemented? Before you point to Norway remember this is a nation of about 6 million people, mostly white, without an illegal immigrant problem.

    1. Not when the government squanders away all the money…particularly on bipartisan rich mans wars where they keep all the spoils, slaughter innocent people in a most uncivilized way and the American people only get to pay the bill for these wars and suffer the loss of life…that money is better off, for the sake of the whole world, left in the hands of the people that earned it

    2. Taxes DO NOT FUND the federal government- they are imposed for several reasons, and high taxes on the rich were intended to keep them from buying our government. But the rich kept getting more power, and then hijacked our government more massively in the 70s. Read the secret Powell Memo of 1971 – they set out to take control of media, education politics and policies. They wanted to bust unions, repress wages, squash people power and silence voices of dissent. Ralph Nader was named in the memo as one of those they wanted to silence!

      We have been lied to by the greedy rich who have been embezzling federal money via various scams, and we need to learn the truth in order to confront them and fight the liars effectively. The econ expert in the link below has a blog that explains things very well. Many econ professors who also teach this, and do presentations, blogs, interviews, etc. Look up Stephanie Kelton, Bill Mitchell of Australia, Pavlina Tcherneva, Fadhel Kaboub and others. Meanwhile, check out the list of lies this expert debunks, like about our national debt – it is NOT an actual debt! And this one we keep hearing from both parties about Social Security being “at risk” – total nonsense!

    1. xcen1 One of Ralph Nader’s most famous books “Unsafe at Any Speed” published in 1965, “prompted the passage of seat-belt laws in 49 states”➡️source-Wikipedia. You know what Nader never did? Answer-He didn’t call a person he knew nothing about Karl Marx.

    2. he has an excellent YT channel of his radio show. right now he’s doing a 13 part series on the impeachment articles that should be filed against trump. you should watch his channel. its great. and tell him c. j. macq sent you!

    1. he has an excellent YT channel of his radio show. right now he’s doing a 13 part series on the impeachment articles that should be filed against trump. you should watch his channel. its great. and tell him c. j. macq sent you!

  1. Ralph lost a great niece in one of those Boeing crashes. Sorry for such tragedy to happen to all the families affected as well as this hero.

    1. AmirGTR: You need to google Ralph Nader. He is an American icon and activist with an incredible backstory regarding the auto industry. The auto corps tried to bribe him, black-mail him, intimidate him … They were smart enough to not assassinate him knowing that they would create a martyr and a movement they would never be rid of. Ralph hasn’t always been on the right side of history but his honesty has never been questioned. He has spent his life in service to this country and the American people. He and Bernie are from the same mold. Then they threw the mold away because there are no others like them even tho the roster of DEMS candidates is in the 20s and still growing.

    2. @Hope Emch There’s great coveraage of that in the documentary linked above. On one hand, the Auto mafia’s moved backfired spectacularly because they were cross-examined on air and on the public record by Congress, yet their humiliation was itself so great that the corprate totalitarians set to work on a new scale of anti-democratic usurpment which has led to a thoroughly corrupt Democrat Party, and intense media and industry consolidations. #TULSI2020 and Bernie are here now, though.

  2. I would have been very disappointed if Nader didn’t appreciate a weath tax. And we both hate speculators who ruined the economy and faced zero consequences.

  3. You know what gives me great hope?

    The world is scattered with castles laying in ruins and remnants of dynasties on the trash heap that thought they could control the masses. Sooner or later this Roman Empire will collapse too. The masses will have their pound of flesh, and Blue Blood will be shed.

  4. “Corporate abuses are different from the majority of corporate practice I would argue” Dude did you even listen to what Ralph just said? Corporations buy politicians who then write laws and presto! abuse is no longer abuse. Keep defending the rich you stooges

  5. “Corp abuses are different from Corp practices, I would argue.” says the host. No they aren’t! That’s the problem! Listen to Ralph!

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