Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton ‘Menace’ To US | Hardball | MSNBC

Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton ‘Menace’ To US | Hardball | MSNBC





Hardball Roundtable—Joe Madison, Liz Mair and Manu Raju—join Chris Matthews to discuss the political attacks made by Republicans and Democrats against one another and their own parties.
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Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton 'Menace' To US | Hardball | MSNBC

23 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton ‘Menace’ To US | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. I almost feel bad… correction; I feel bad for Republicans and the state of their popularity in the country. I want to help, best thing they can do is present a VERY VERY VERY moderate Republican… but they won’t listen… get ready for Hillary… correction; get ready for a continuation of Obama’s bullshit.

    1. @Traythug Martin You think I don’t know that? Between Muslim apologists and their media outlets (tyt), feminists like Sarkeesian/Suey Park, Millenial cry-babies who know nothing about Liberal values, and pro-war/pro-banks leaders like Obama, Hillary and company our end is certain. You can sprinkle whatever flavor on top, the results will be the same.

    2. @tehkoalainsurgency We’re obviously “not popular with the country” because we just won the recent election by a landslide. 

  2. I wonder where Chris Matthews gets the ridiculous idea, that the votes for Ralph Nader, belongs to Al Gore?  Did it ever occur to Chris, that there are many people who actually wanted Ralph Nader as their president?

    1. plus al gore is a lying hypocrite. he rants about green economics in “an inconvenient truth” when he has a private oil company thats drilling out in the ocean…thats some real lunacy…

  3. Nader is a brilliant guy. He is what the country needs and is what politicians fear. They fear people that make to much sense.

    1. user220370 looking back on this video I love how wrong these people were when I see Bernie leading in the polls and I’m every caucus/primary so far

  4. These pundits think left and right are actual political ideologies. cute. Too bad they could not get Ralph Nader to comment. But they would rather pretend he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  5. Nader is the menace to society. Without him screwing up Florida in 2000, we would never have invaded Iraq and the entire world would be a safer place. Spare me the whining, Nader. We are through listening to your delusions. Retire to the nursing home in which you belong…you are past your prime and beginning to stink to high heaven.

    1. so you say with your magical what if machine. Sad part is, you are more likely than not, wrong and it doesnt matter when it comes to dems and republicans they love war and war wise both of them are the same. the delusion is voting for either of the two corporists parties and hoping for change. You won’t get. You will continue to be screwed and get screwed until you and other Americans vote for anyone but the two parties in local elections and presidential elections because they are bought and paid for.

    2. @Joseph Digristina
       The “extreme” left in this country is moderate in other countries and the moderate dems and repubs are corporate hacks, but again, keep on voting for them and I hope you have some KY on hand and are ready to spread em cause they will keep screwing you over.

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