Ralph Nader on Impeachment: Democrats Should Go After Trump’s Full Corruption, Not Just Ukraine

Ralph Nader on Impeachment: Democrats Should Go After Trump’s Full Corruption, Not Just Ukraine





Donald Trump is set to become the third president to be impeached when the Democrat-controlled House votes Wednesday on two charges related to his attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. The vote will send the charges to the Republican-controlled Senate, which will then hold a trial on whether to remove Trump from office. Witnesses who could be called to testify include former national security adviser John Bolton and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. Early Monday, the House Judiciary Committee released its full report on Trump’s impeachment that is nearly 700 pages and explains in four parts the committee’s justification for recommending two articles of impeachment against Trump: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. A new Fox News poll says 54% of Americans want Trump impeached, and 50% want him impeached and removed. We speak with Ralph Nader, longtime consumer advocate, corporate critic and former presidential candidate, who says the articles of impeachment against Trump are “far too narrow and perilous.” Congress has “come forward with a very narrow hand … for the most impeachable president of all time,” he says.


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73 thoughts on “Ralph Nader on Impeachment: Democrats Should Go After Trump’s Full Corruption, Not Just Ukraine

  1. Ralph Nader makes a strong case against this narrow impeachment. Since the Senate Republicans won’t budge, Dems should broaden it to include all the crimes.

    1. Sandy trumps a …moron, idiot, thief…hes con a lot of people…when they find out….I will see only….fools….Trump makes…fools out of his ,,followers

    1. @Hit Reset Button No just truth hurts. I see you copied what your lame Hillary Clinton did with Russia, she hit the reset button thus our U.S. uranium got out to Russia and her husband was able to make a few speeches so the Clinton Foundation was padded. Talk about a troll, you would have voted one into office.

    2. @TheLionofJudah wtf words are you even vomiting? I didn’t vote Clinton you imbecile. Keep your stupid psycho rants to yourself.

    1. @toney ingram Bush committed war crimes, Trump betrayed his oath of office with corruption. In earlier times, a half decent congress would’ve gotten rid of them both.

    2. @Clayton Gunter Pelosi isn’t a master chess player. She is fighting progressives in her own party. She didn’t even want to impeach. She came to power during Bush’s term because the American people were sick of the abuses of goevnment and the wars, and the democrats with her at the helm gave Bush everything he wanted. Pelosi’s short term victory is but a whisper when compared with McConnell’s.

    3. @Christien du Preez I wouldn’t even characterize it as the “far” left. It’s just that the rightwing has become so extreme that the center has shifted too far to the right that left of center politicians are labeled “far” left. Bernie is more left than Warren who is a little more left of center than Biden or Steyer. And I think far left is what we need as opposed to corporatist shills like Pelosi. And by far left I think we need medicare for all and free college education but not anti-vax. hah

    4. @Christien du Preez The Republican Party today are more right than they were under Bush I and II. They are run by the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus who are appointing very young ideologues to the courts (in some instances unqualified), have cut all programs to help poor people and some (like Tom Cotton, Rand Paul) believe they haven’t gone far enough. These people are solid white, ultra-conservative theocrats and this is totally different from 30 years ago. It has most definitely shifted rightward.
      I don’t see a President who really cares about poor people based on any of his policies, his tax cuts, his education cuts, cuts to SNAP and kicking people off the health care rolls. But he makes people *believe* he cares.
      You thought black people had no self-respect? 
      Trump is what we historians call a personalist.
      There’s no coincidence that the KKK votes GOP.

  2. Ralph has always been on point for the citizen of America. You would have a hard time finding a human with more integrity. He has experienced a relative who perished in the crash of an Ethiopian Boing 737 Max. The man talks the talk and walks the walk.

    1. This would have been a beautiful country if Nader was elected president. Can you even imagine how much progress could have been made in just 4 years with such an amazing person at the helm??

    1. @Brooksavenue Going against abortion (aka MURDER) is the only thing Drumpf got right. But in reality the orange Nazi really does not give a fling f–ck about wholesale baby murder nor do the hypocritical republiKKKans.

    2. 2% more voted for Hillary, I will give you that, but that doesn’t count any more than Trump winning 2626 counties and Hillary only winning 487. That’s a landslide if I ever seen one. But it doesn’t matter, Trump won the election by the current rules. If you don’t like it, change the rules, don’t blame Trump.

    1. Tony — the facts are there in testimony under oath –something that Trump can’t chance, nor his cronies in the White House willing to do his criminal bidding.The FACTS are everywhere — as clear as the opening clause of the 2nd amendment which connects it to a MILITIA — and you can seeMulvaney spilling the beans on the video where he makes clear that this attack on Ukraine/Zelensky had to do with political motives rethe 2020 elections and an attempt to get dirt on Biden — and had nothing to do with anything else.

    2. @Brooksavenue That is your opinion and not fact. Don’t think many sympathize with the Biden’s actions. Biden’s crimes must be legal now since he is a candidate. I would also like to get that sweet payoff deal that Hunter received in the future. Maybe I should run if that is legal.

    3. Currently you can add to this the fact that emails now show that it was wholly Trump’s work alone — despite criticism from his own advisors — to hold up the money for the Ukraine.  And while he was being told by the Pentagon that what he was doing was “ILLEGAL”It was “illegal” because Nixon had tried to do the same thing duringhis administration — and that’s when it was officially made ILLEGAL.Nonetheless, the Nazis will continue to try whatever they can do to destroy, destroy, destroy here and to bring about a Fourth Reich.

  3. Ralph has a weekly podcast for anyone interested. He even had a thirteen part series where he broke down each individual impeachable offense Trump has committed. 👍

  4. Ralph — Well said!!
    How the “Right” let this happened is beyond comprehension!!

    It is a SHAME…SHAME upon our country!!

    1. Half of America disagrees with you. I think the US has big problems coming up, especially if they go ahead with impeachment. It’s a time for war against COVID, not a civil war. Impeachment runs the risk of making Trump’s brand even more powerful, as it looks like the system is trying to get rid of him. Trump is the guy that says, ‘Look what they did to me. They’ve been trying since before 2016. He may even hold greater sway within Republican politics and American life in general after this. He has a history of turning attacks in his favor.I Biden wants unity, he has to be the bigger man. If not, this COVID will be his downfall, as only a united country can fight it. Vaccination, social distancing, washing hands, and mask-wearing rely on compliance. As businesses are destroyed because of lockdowns, people are out of work, guess who is there saying I warned you to vote for me?

  5. Dog and pony show.

    “Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you.”

    – G Carlin

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