36 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis and Joseph Stiglitz

  1. So, Yanis Varoufakis, Joseph Stiglitz, their host and their co-guests are to be thanked for bringing intelligent discussion up to all nations within the Euro zone.  If the times are a-changing, we have to change them ourselves.

  2. What a classic Comment to Start Off with…”when I think of the Eurozone it makes me think of music”…I want to thank INET for bringing these great people, with great minds to inform us ALL. These fences & walls that have been erected in Europa will come crashing down!

  3. Someone who saw the whole dicussion must have a positive picture of Greeks finance minister. He adresses the core problems and is brave enough to speak up! We need more politicians of this type in Europe.

  4. Varoufaquis an Héros, greeks Will change european devastation. NO more francogerman rue. Thé soute existes long be fore them. Lets be free! ,No more Merkel

  5. Whatever the Germans say about the Greeks, if they can produce a Varoufakis then they are doing some things right.

    1. @platovid4 I am against globalization and for, intact, European cultures. SOROS IS A VULTURE WHO DESTROYS WHOLE COUNTRIES IN ONE DAY. Sorros controls both the traiterous “greek govt and Scopia. Therefore he is a threat to our existance.If you do not wish to do research on these people,you should be not be reprimanding others. Why dont you look up the Kalergi plan and get back to me. Otherwise,you are just ignorant of who these people represent,and I dont bother to educate those who choose ignorance.

    2. And if this reading conflicts with your beliefs about the NWO or Soros, then I would encourage you to look into those as well before you spread conspiracy.

    3. @alexander 323 konstantinos Varoufakis is no fool with regard to what Soros is. Soros is a buddy of Charles “”Libertarian” Fascist” Koch. Partisan hysteria is stupid; eat the rich.

  6. It is interesting to see how many comments here from last year point to Varoufakis being some kind of “Banker Stooge”, or that he had alterior motives during his time in power. He proved to be honourable to his commitment to resist the Troika and its austerity punishment by relinquishing his position and his power as soon as his party capitulated.

    Sometimes I cringe at his public posturing, but several facts about him have won my support: His predictions about the Eurozone weaknesses were spot on; his DIEM movement (if overly ambitious) is unique and important; his willingness to stare the facts in the face; most importantly, to accept the role and limitations of economic policy within the political realm. Other finance ministers in Europe look like squabbling teenagers in comprison.

    1. @Abram Badal The people pay, of course….because the “bail-out” was a “giveaway” to special interests (bankers, Wall Street, etc.)….which was terribly corrupt.

    2. @Abram Badal not that it wasn’t bad in the U.S., but it could have been much worse. we could have had a full on great depression if they hadn’t bailed out the banks. unfortunately, they’ve done nothing to address the root causes of the crash, essentially just putting it off by maintaining and growing private debt bubbles, which are at record levels again and will burst at some point. when they burst again, either we have the real 21st century great depression or the complete re-organizing of our financial institutions.

  7. I am glad a man like Varoufakis, clearly a man with a heart
    and the knowlegde of how poltics is disconcerned with democracy,
    is ready to put up the fight against the powers now pressing foreward.
    Support him !

  8. Read Blyth’s analysis of austerity policies and Stiglitz’s book on the Euro, and you’ll understand the whole situation much better.

  9. Varoufakis …. one of the great minds of our generation. In some years we will look back at his time as finance minister as a missed opportunity for change.

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